by Benito Serna

Styler gem and Tachyons components

A list of examples from the list of Tachyons components, showing you how you can use the styler gem to define the styles composing the tachyons css classes.

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  articles = [{
    title: "Tech Giant Invests Huge Money to Build a Computer Out of Science Fiction",
    summary: "The tech giant says it is ready to begin planning a quantum computer, a powerful cpu machine that relies on subatomic particles instead of transistors.",
    image: "",
    image_alt: "Photo of a dily lit room with a computer interface terminal.",
    author: "Robin Darnell"
  }, {
    title: "A whale takes up residence in a large body of water",
    summary: "This giant of a whale says it is ready to begin planning a new swim later this afternoon. A powerful mammal that relies on fish and plankton instead of hamburgers.",
    image: "",
    image_alt: "Photo of a whale's tale coming crashing out of the water.",
    author: "Katherine Grant"
  }, {
    title: "‘We Couldn’t Believe Our Eyes’: A Lost World of Vinyl Is Found",
    summary: "Archaeologists have found more than 40 tons of vinyl records, some more than a five years old, shedding light on early hipster trends.",
    image: "",
    image_alt: "Photo of a warehouse with stacked shelves.",
    author: "Imelda Clancy"

  styles = do
    style :container, %w(mw7 center avenir)
    style :title, %w(baskerville fw1 ph3 ph0-l)

    collection :article do
      style :container, %w(bt bb b--black-10)
      style :link_tag, %w(db pv4 ph3 ph0-l no-underline black dim)
      style :layout, %w(flex flex-column flex-row-ns)
      style :image_container, %w(pr3-ns mb4 mb0-ns w-100 w-40-ns)
      style :image, %w(db)
      style :main, %w(w-100 w-60-ns pl3-ns)
      style :title, %w(f3 fw1 baskerville mt0 lh-title)
      style :summary, %w(f6 f5-l lh-copy)
      style :author, %w(f6 lh-copy mv0)

<section class="<%= styles.container %>">
  <h2 class="<%= styles.title %>">News</h2>
  <% articles.each do |article| %>
    <article class="<%= styles.article.container %>">
      <a class="<%= styles.article.link_tag %>" href="#0">
        <div class="<%= styles.article.layout %>">
          <div class="<%= styles.article.image_container %>">
            <img src="<%= article[:image] %>"
              class="<%= styles.article.image %>"
              alt="<%= article[:image_alt] %>">
          <div class="<%= styles.article.main %>">
            <h1 class="<%= styles.article.title %>"><%= article[:title] %></h1>
            <p class="<%= styles.article.summary %>"><%= article[:summary] %></p>
            <p class="<%= %>"><%= article[:author] %></p>
  <% end %>